• Ingrid Flory
    My Goal is to help parents in western Massachusetts successfully advocate for their children to get the special education services they need. If you have a child who needs extra support in school, then I can help your child get the services they need to be successful.... read more
  • My Approach is collaborative, yet firm. I believe that the best results are achieved when the Team is focused on their one shared interest: meeting your child’s needs.... read more
  • My Services include, but are not limited to: Parent Education, IEP Review, Meeting Preparation, Direct Meeting Support, and General Guidance and Emotional Support.... read more
  • Ingrid Flory, Parent Consultant & Advocate
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…because it is too much to do on your own!

Ingrid FloryAs parents of children with special needs, we are asked to do too much. Carting our kids around to doctor’s appointments and therapies. Following up with home-based therapies and supports. Assisting our kids with self-care well beyond the age of their typically developing peers.

And then we attend these meetings at school where we are expected to understand technical evaluations, digest that information emotionally and intellectually, come up with questions, and advocate for our child’s needs. All in approximately sixty minutes.

IT IS TOO MUCH. Which is why I am here to help.

Sitting at your side in meetings or consulting with you behind-the-scenes, I can help you to:

      • Understand your child’s evaluations
      • Prepare for meetings
      • Work with your team to develop a strong and measurable IEP for your child
      • Navigate the special education process